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Remote Optimal: changing the way we think about energy

Posted by SSE Enterprise Energy Solutions on 12-Feb-2018 11:31:49

The world is getting on the fast track towards achieving ever-greater energy sustainability. Everywhere we look we are starting to see innovations overcoming the big challenges in energy production, storage, distribution and usage.

Energy optimisation is a key element in that innovation story and we’re very proud we’re playing our part to make this happen.

Today, with our Remote Optimal offering, we’re helping more and more businesses keep their buildings in a tip-top environmental operating condition while helping them reduce their energy costs.

Our industry experience is built in

Remote Optimal is built on our many years’ experience in the industry. By combining all our knowledge and experience of how buildings work with the latest data capture and analytics technology, we’ve developed a compelling proposition. What it means for our customers is that they now have all the finesse and intelligence of industry experts rolled into a technology package: one that greatly increases their ability to predict and respond to even the most infinitesimal changes in environmental conditions or customer requirements. It’s technology with a human touch.

We know what works

We’ve been in the business of energy optimisation for years. It used to be that energy optimisation was a lengthy and laborious operation. It needed people all over the site, at regular intervals carrying out careful manual inspections of every heating and lighting system. Today, our experts in the Energy Management Centre (EMC), work with the data from your buildings to carry out the most complex interventions and adjustments remotely.

Remote Optimal brings your energy strategy to life

A lot of people think that optimisation is just about saving money, when in reality it’s about a lot more than that, certainly where your customers are concerned. Your customers want environments that feel comfortable – not too hot, not too cold, just right. 

Our EMC team are focused on monitoring, recalibrating and then adjusting your systems to both maximise your energy savings and still achieve that optimal environment which translates into comfortable customers, staff and visitors – so that whatever they are doing, they’re able to do it as best as they can. 

We’ve designed Remote Optimal to give any business, wherever they are, a simple but powerful way to make the working and operational environments of all customers, staff - and machines - as comfortable and efficient as possible. It’s all about achieving a lot more, for a lot less. Besides taking most of the effort and expense out of optimising your built environment, Remote Optimal’s features will firstly give you a way of developing a profitable energy strategy and second, a means to present that strategy to your shareholders in a tangible way. So now you can really get to grips with setting and then achieving your energy objectives.

Making the complex more simple

One of the great things about Remote Optimal is its capacity to deal with complexity. A lot of our customers have a built estate that consists of not just different kinds of buildings, with varying degrees of Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) sophistication, but buildings that are also spread out geographically across the country. Remote Optimal means that you now have a way to control the energy management systems of very diffuse and complex estates with total precision. We are able to zero in on a specific HVAC sensor in a defined location within a single building on the other side of the UK and adjust its controls by fractional amounts. This sort of precision pays real dividends.

Changing the way we think about energy

Remote Optimal now means that your business can elevate energy spend and usage from a loss on your P&L and turn it into a value-generating asset. Our mission is to focus on energy reduction and so lower your costs and then combine this with greater outputs and better business performance. This is what we mean when we talk about using energy intelligence to make a better world.

In future, as energy comes from completely renewable and environmentally sustainable sources, so Remote Optimal becomes a key driver in helping businesses do more for less in a more caring way. Everywhere there are buildings, there is the potential to find Remote Optimal making sure that these buildings are never exceeding energy use; never letting energy fall below critical levels; only ever using energy when needed and never when it isn’t; and always set at a level to make the built environment perfectly comfortable.

Easy to use

We’ve designed Remote Optimal to give customers three distinct but related areas of optimisation. This means you can benefit from parts of the offering exactly according to your needs.

  • Optimal Assist is an ingenious way to avoid and fix critical problems to the equipment in your buildings where necessary.
  • Optimal Insight is our cloud-based energy package that gives you a real understanding of how you are consuming your energy.
  • Optimal Control focuses on improving the performance of your energy equipment with a view to improving comfort and usage.

Used together, Remote Optimal makes your built environment more productive and comfortable, and gives you the means to achieve much closer analysis of your business energy needs. That translates into greater predictability and resource allocation and so reduced costs. The reporting capability means you have this all presented to you in a way that gives you proper accountability about your consumption – every second of every day.

Remote Optimal helps you adapt and modernise

Remote Optimal is simple to integrate. It’s undisruptive while being adaptive to the idiosyncrasies of your buildings. Our EMC team can give you a full audit of all your buildings and then provide you with a map of projected savings and a straightforward implementation strategy. It doesn’t take long to get even quite old systems operational and calibrated to adjust automatically to even the slightest environmental changes. You will then quickly appreciate how on site interventions are minimised, your carbon emissions start to fall and your building machinery remains healthier for longer.

We say that when your buildings talk, we listen. Remote Optimal is a discreet but powerful tool which is doing just this. By making many very small adjustments which quickly begin to add up. Remote Optimal can help you build a long-term, strategically successful energy driven business for the future.

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